Which normal person uses the word ‘pensive’ these days? Isn’t that a word only for the poets to use? Are we expected to awaken that poet within us?  Hmm… let me don my poet’s cap and give it a try:


When in a sudden ditch I fall,
Gravity pulls and makes me tumble;
‘God Oh My’ I hear me call,
Words all pouring out in a jumble.
Thinking quickly on my feet,
My best I try, to grab a chair;
Mind you, that is no mean feat,
When both my feet are in the air!

The chair performs a somersault,
Landing near me upside down;
Now if you think that’s all my fault,
Stop thinking, ‘cause it makes you frown.
Wanting not to end in a thump,
I turn right and left to twist my fate;
Suddenly hitting a dead tree stump,
Sitting in seemingly a pensive state!